308C CR Excavator Hydraulic System – Hydraulic Filter (Pilot)

Illustration 1 g00867692

(1) Pilot relief valve

(2) Port

(3) Line

(4) Pilot oil filter

The oil delivery from the pilot pump flows through pilot oil filter (1) and into the components in the pilot system.

Illustration 2 g00867708

(1) Pilot relief valve

(4) Pilot oil filter

(5) Bypass relief valve

(6) Filter element

Filter element (6) in pilot oil filter (4) removes contaminants from the pilot oil.

If the pilot oil is extremely cold or if the flow of pilot oil through filter element (4) becomes restricted by contaminants, the oil bypasses filter element (4) through bypass relief valve (5). Bypass relief valve (5) is built into the base for the pilot oil filter.