308C CR Excavator Hydraulic System – Pilot Valve (Blade) – Install

Installation Procedure


    Keep all parts clean from contaminants.

    Contamination of the hydraulic system with foreign material will reduce the service life of the hydraulic system components.

    To prevent contaminants from entering the hydraulic system, always plug or cap the lines, fittings, or hoses as they are disconnected. Cover any disassembled components and clean them properly before assembly.

    Clean the hydraulic system properly after any major component exchange or especially after a component failure, to remove any contamination.

    Illustration 1 g00887777

  1. Install the pilot valve (blade) (3) and bolts (3) .

    Illustration 2 g00888200

  1. Install the fittings and hose assemblies (2) onto the pilot valve (blade) (3) .

    Illustration 3 g00888078

  1. Install bottom cover (1) .
  1. Install the rubber floormat.