312C, 315C, 318C, 319C, 320C, 321C, 322C, 325C, 330C and M325C Excavators and 325C MHPU and 330C MHPU Mobile Hydraulic Power Units Engine and Pump Control – V2 – Operator Monitor

Illustration 1 g00684315

Monitor Panel

(1) Fuel gauge

(2) Engine coolant temperature gauge

(3) Action lamp

(4) Engine speed dial indicator

(5) Hydraulic oil temperature gauge

(6) Message center

The liquid crystal display panel will display various warnings and information. The monitor panel includes the following components: three gauges, an action lamp, the engine speed dial indicator, a message center and eight switches.

Illustration 2 g00685772

Monitor Panel

(7) “Up” key

(8) “Left” key

(9) “Right” key

(10) “Down” key

(11) “Cancel” key

(12) “Setting” key

(13) “Menu” key

(14) “OK” key

The information about the condition of the machine from the controller is displayed on the monitor. The monitor has three gauges and a number of alert indicators. Each gauge is dedicated to a parameter within a machine system. Some of the possible parameters of the machine systems are listed: fuel level, engine coolant temperature and hydraulic oil temperature. The gauges receive information from sensors or senders that are connected to the controller. The controller uses the information from each sensor input to calculate the value that is shown on the gauges. The alert indicators will notify the operator of an abnormal condition in a machine system. The controller uses information from pressure switches, sensors and other inputs in order to determine when an abnormal condition is present. The controller will send a message to the monitor panel. Then, the monitor panel FLASHES the alert indicator for the machine system with the abnormal condition. The controller will process information from the switches of the monitor panel. The switches are used in order to select various functions. The controller will receive this information and the controller will perform the requested operation or mode of operation.