320C Excavator Machine System Specifications – Front Idler

Illustration 1 g01419375

(1) Remove the pipe plug from the front idler assembly and apply air pressure to this port. The front idler assembly should sustain 245 to 265 kPa (36 to 38 psi) air pressure for a minimum of 30 seconds. Add 0.18 ± 0.02 L (0.048 ± 0.005 US gal) of SAE 30-CD oil. Apply 4C-4030 Thread Lock Compound on the threads of the pipe plug and install the pipe plug.

(2) The rubber toric seals and all the contacting surfaces must be clean and dry at assembly. Prior to assembly, apply a thin film of 6V-4876 Lubricant to the contacting surfaces of the metal seal rings. The metal seal rings must be assembled square. The rubber toric seal should not bulge and the rubber toric seal should not twist.

(3) Lubricate the O-ring seals with the lubricant that is being sealed.

(4) Install the pin with the slit in the range that is specified. The correct position of the pin is shown in view B-B.

(C) Specified range … 40 degrees (D) Angle from centerline of idler shaft … 20 degrees

(5) Prior to assembly, clean the surface in order to remove the protective coating.

(6) Install the idler shaft. Position the “R” that is stamped on the end face of the idler shaft backward into the front idler bearing.

End play in axial direction

Minimum … 0.26 mm (0.010 inch)
Maximum … 1.26 mm (0.050 inch)