330D, 336D and 340D Excavators Hydraulic System – Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Illustration 1 g01235174

(18) Hydraulic oil cooler

(19) Fan shroud

(28) Inlet line to hydraulic oil cooler

(29) Hydraulic oil cooler inlet

(30) Return line to bypass check valve

(31) Hydraulic oil cooler outlet

The hydraulic oil cooler is mounted in front of the engine. Hydraulic oil cooler (18) is integrated with the engine coolant radiator. The hydraulic oil cooler is mounted in the inboard side of the radiator.

The hydraulic oil flows through the hydraulic oil cooler in order to maintain the operating temperature of the oil. A fan that is driven by the engine pulls air through the radiator. A portion of the return oil from the main control valves flows through the bypass check valve and flows through line (28), and inlet (29) to hydraulic oil cooler (18). The hydraulic oil that is cooled by the hydraulic oil cooler flows through outlet (31), return line (30) and the return filter to the hydraulic tank.