Cat 14 Pin Connector Wiring Diagram

A cat 14 pin connector is a type of electrical plug that is used to connect various work tools and attachments to Cat heavy equipment, such as dozer blades, augers, hammers, and grapples. The cat 14 pin connector provides a pin and socket connection system for highly durable sealed electrical connections. The cat 14 pin connector allows the operator to control the hydraulic functions of the work tool from the cab of the machine, using switches or joysticks.

The cat 14 pin connector has 14 pins that are arranged in two rows of seven. Each pin corresponds to a specific function or signal, such as power, ground, solenoid, or sensor. The wiring diagram for the cat 14 pin connector shows the color, number, and function of each wire that connects to the pins. The wiring diagram also shows the polarity and voltage of each wire.

The following table summarizes the wiring diagram for the cat 14 pin connector:

Pin Wire Color Wire Number Function Polarity Voltage
1 Red 200 Power Positive 12 V
2 Black 150 Ground Negative 0 V
3 White 651 Solenoid A Positive 12 V
4 Green 652 Solenoid B Positive 12 V
5 Blue 653 Solenoid C Positive 12 V
6 Yellow 654 Solenoid D Positive 12 V
7 Brown 655 Solenoid E Positive 12 V
8 Orange 656 Solenoid F Positive 12 V
9 Gray 657 Solenoid G Positive 12 V
10 Purple 658 Solenoid H Positive 12 V
11 Pink 659 Sensor A Positive 5 V
12 Tan 660 Sensor B Positive 5 V
13 Light Green 661 Sensor C Positive 5 V
14 Light Blue 662 Sensor D Positive 5 V

The wiring diagram for the cat 14 pin connector can help the operator to troubleshoot any problems with the work tool or the connection. It can also help the operator to adapt the cat 14 pin connector to other types of work tools or machines, by using a pigtail kit or an adapter cable. However, the operator should always consult the user manual and the manufacturer before making any modifications to the cat 14 pin connector or the work tool.