Product Link 121S/300 – Spare Inputs

Spare Inputs

Spare inputs are not supported for the Product Link PL121SR radio.

The Product Link PL300 has four additional inputs that can be configured in order to monitor switches on the machine. These inputs can be configured by using Caterpillar Electronic Technician (CAT ET service tool). The inputs can be configured to be normally open or normally closed. There is a programmable delay time for actuation of these inputs. CAT ET requires a value to be entered for this delay. These inputs can only be used by switches to ground. These inputs cannot be dependent on other machine parameters. The inputs are programmable based on the following criteria:

  • Status of the keyswitch

  • Engine status (running)

The PL300 spare inputs are listed in table 1.

Table 1
Product Link Contact Descriptions    
Main Connector Contact (70 pin)     Description of the Input    
45     Spare Digital Input 1    
46     Spare Digital Input 2    
47     Spare Digital Input 3    
55     Spare Digital Input 4    

Refer to the Systems Operation, Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjusting, “System Schematic” for a diagram of the digital input circuitry.