320C and 322C Excavators Attachment Hydraulic System – Proportional Reducing Valve Sweep – Test – Power Shift

This function allows the current to the proportional reducing valve to change at a specific rate. This function is used to confirm the activation of the proportional reducing valve.

Table 1
Required Tools    
146-4080 Digital Multimeter    
6V-2100 Multitach Group    
188-8588 Test Harness    

Illustration 1 g00778727

Illustration for 312C

Illustration 2 g00778728

Illustration for 315C

Illustration 3 g00986691

Illustration for 321C

Illustration 4 g00690109

Illustration for 319C, 320C series, 322C, 325C, and 330C

(1) Power shift pressure solenoid

(2) Tap for the power shift pressure

  1. Stop the engine. Disconnect connector “39” of the proportional reducing valve and connect the test harness to connector “39”.
  1. Install the test leads of the multimeter.
  1. Install a 4900 kPa (710 psi) pressure gauge to the tap (2) .
  1. Place the backup switch to the “AUT” position.
  1. Set the engine speed dial to the position of 10.
  1. Allow the hydraulic oil to warm to a temperature of 50 °C (122 °F).
  1. Ensure that all control levers are in the neutral position.
  1. Enter the service mode. Select the sweep test for the power shift pressure. Perform the device test for “PS PRV-SWEEP”.
  1. The display on the multimeter should show a wave from 0.2 amperes to 0.75 amperes within a period of 20 seconds. The pressure gauge should show a cycle of pressure from 482 kPa (70 psi) to 3447 kPa (500 psi) during the identical time of the wave of the ampere.
  1. Verify that the current and the pressure are showing the correct parameters.