320C and 322C Excavators Attachment Hydraulic System – Service Mode – Enter

This procedure is used to enter the service mode of the operator monitor.

    Illustration 1 g00991623

  1. Illustration 1 is the default screen of the monitor. This screen appears when the monitor is initially turned ON.

    Illustration 2 g00767964

    (1) Up key

    (2) Down key

    (3) Left key

    (4) Right key

    (5) Set key

    (6) Menu key

    (7) Cancel key

    (8) OK key

    Illustration 3 g00789231

  1. Press menu key (6) . The above screen will be displayed. Press down key (2) in order to highlight “SERVICE OPTIONS”.

    Illustration 4 g00789244

  1. After “SERVICE OPTIONS” is highlighted, press OK key (8) .

    Illustration 5 g00786656

  1. After OK key (8) is pressed, the above screen will be displayed. The keys for direction are used to input the password. Different passwords allow access to menus that are in the monitor. For more information on the passwords, Refer to Systems Operation, “Monitor Overview” for the Tool Control System. The password that allows access to all menus that are used for service is “FFF2”. Press left key (3) or right key (4) in order to change the position of the flashing character. Press up key (1) or down key (2) in order to change the value of the flashing character.

    Illustration 6 g00789258

  1. After entering the password, press OK key (8) .

    Illustration 7 g01000769

    Typical Display

  1. When the correct password is entered, illustration 7 is displayed. Service mode has been entered.

    Illustration 8 g00789262

  1. When the incorrect password is entered, illustration 8 is displayed.

Exiting the Service Mode

Two methods are used in order to terminate the service mode. The service mode will be terminated 10 seconds after the start switch is turned to the OFF position. Use the procedure below if the start switch is not turned to the Off position.

    Illustration 9 g01000769

    Typical Display

  1. Highlight “SERVICE” in the first line of the display.

    Illustration 10 g00991641

  1. Press right key (4) in order to scroll. The display will show “EXIT” in line 1. Press set key (5) .

    Illustration 11 g00991623

  1. Press cancel key (7) . The service mode is terminated. Line 3 shows the name of the work tool that is selected.