308C CR Excavator Hydraulic System – Hydraulic Tank and Filter

Hydraulic Tank

Illustration 1 g00865854

(1) Return line

(2) Air breather

(3) Relief valve

(4) Return chamber

(5) Filter

(6) Tank chamber

(7) Suction filter

(8) Suction line

(9) Hydraulic tank

Return oil from return line (1) enters return chamber (4) of hydraulic tank (9). The return oil then goes through filter (5) and contaminants are eliminated before the return oil enters tank chamber (6). The oil in hydraulic tank (9) goes through suction filter (7), through suction line (8) and into the main pump. When filter (5) is restricted, return oil bypasses through relief valve (3) .

Air breather (2) is located on the top of the hydraulic tank. The air breather prevents an increase in pressure or a decrease in pressure in the hydraulic tank. This could occur due to a change in oil level and/or temperature.