308C Excavator Electrical and Electronic System – Service Tools

The following service tools should be used to aid in troubleshooting the electrical system.

  • 6V-7070 Digital Multimeter or equivalent

  • 6V-3000 Connector Repair Kit

  • 4C-4892 ORFS Fittings Group

  • 7x-1710 Multimeter Probe

  • 8T-8726 Adapter Cable

  • 4C-3406 Connector Repair Kit

  • 132-7842 Test Harness

  • 6V-2100 Multitach Group

  • 8T-3224 Needle Tip Group

Use a digital multimeter in order to check the continuity or the voltage. See the following Special Instruction for more information about the use of the 6V-7070 Digital Multimeter. See Special Instruction, SEHS7734, “Use Of The 6V-7070 And 6V-7800 Multimeter”. The 7X-1710 Multimeter Probe is used in order to make a measurement at the connector without disconnecting the connector. The probes are pushed into the back of the connector alongside the wire. The 8T-8726 Adapter Cable is a 3 pin breakout cable that is used to make measurements in sensor circuits.

Note: Except for harness tests, the use of certain test equipment is not recommended for use on modern Caterpillar electrical circuits. Such testers include the following examples: the 8T-0500 Continuity Tester and 5P-7277 Voltage Tester.