320C Excavator Machine System Specifications – Track Roller (Single Flange)

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Table 1
Specification for 163-4143 Track Roller Gp    
Item     Qty     Part     Specification Description    
1     2     7F-8268 O-Ring Seal     Lubricate the bore of the O-ring seals lightly with the lubricant that is being sealed.    
2     2     9W-2142 Duo-Cone Seal Gp     The rubber toric seals and all the contacting surfaces must be clean and dry at assembly. Apply a thin layer of 6V-4876 Lubricant to the contacting surfaces of the metal seal rings prior to assembly. The seal rings must be assembled square. The rubber toric seal should not bulge and the rubber toric seal should not twist.    
3     2     8E-5037 Track Roller Collar     Before assembly, the outside surface of the track roller collar must be clean and free of protective coating.    
A     –     –     Install the rubber stopper (5) in the shaft (4). The end of the rubber stopper should be even with the end of the chamfer. The stopper can be recessed up to
7.0 ± 7.0 mm (0.28 ± 0.28 inch).    
B     –     6Y-0473 Clear Plug     Install the clear plug (6) so that the end is even with the rubber stopper. The clear plug can extend up to
5.0 mm (0.20 inch) out of the rubber stopper.    
–     –     –     Minimum end play for the track roller shaft is
0.25 mm (0.010 inch).    
–     –     –     Maximum end play for the track roller shaft is
1.25 mm (0.049 inch).