Product Link – PL522/523 – System Overview

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The PL522 and 523 is a communications device that uses a cellular network in order to transmit information to the following: Caterpillar, Caterpillar dealers and Caterpillar customers. The unit contains a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite receiver and a cellular communication transceiver.

Note: The time periods that are referenced in this publication are dependent upon the performance of the communications network which may vary at times.

The PL522 and 523 are compatible with the communication protocol that is used on the Cat Data Link. All logged events and diagnostic codes that are available to the Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET) on the Cat Data Link can be sent to the web interface, VisionLink. The PL522 and 523 are not compatible with the communication protocol that is used on the ATA data link for on-highway trucks.

The PL522 and 523 enables the customer to receive the following information: SMH (Service Meter Hours), location, diagnostic codes, events and other Cat Data Link (CDL) information.

The system allows two-way communication between the machine and a remote user such as a Caterpillar dealer or a customer. At any time, a user can request updated information from a machine. Also, the system parameters for the PL522 and 523 module can be changed. The information goes from the machine to VisionLink via the cellular communications network.