308C CR Excavator Hydraulic System – Machine Drift on a Slope – Check


Table 1
“Machine Drift on a Slope – Check”    
Drift mm (inch)    
New     Rebuild     Service Limit     Actual    
0     0     0        


Measuring the amount of drift of the machine on a slope will determine if there is a need to check the travel brake.

Note: The machine configuration that is used during this test can affect the results of this test. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, “Operational Checks” for the machine configurations that were used for this test.

Note: The relief valve pressure settings must be set to the relief valve pressure specification before performing this operational check. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, “Specifications”.

Required Tools

Table 2
Required Tools    
Description     Qty    
Stopwatch     1    
Scale 150 mm (6 inch)     1    

Test Procedure

Illustration 1 g00297342
  1. Place the machine on a slope of 12 degrees. The surface of the slope must be hard and smooth.
  1. Position the implements, as shown. Refer to Illustration 1.
  1. The bucket should be empty.

    Illustration 2 g00297498

  1. To indicate the relative position of the machine to the slope, put a mark on both the track and the track roller frame. Refer to Illustration 2.
  1. Stop the engine.
  1. Measure the machine movement on the slope after 3 minutes.