312C, 315C, 318C, 319C, 320C, 321C, 322C, 325C, 330C and M325C Excavators and 325C MHPU and 330C MHPU Mobile Hydraulic Power Units Engine and Pump Control – V2 – ECM Summary Mode

The ECM summary mode is used to display the software that is installed on the machine. Perform the following procedure in order to access this mode.

Illustration 1 g00778235

Typical example of the display with the latest software

Enter the service mode. Use the arrow keys to highlight “ECM SUMMARY” in the second line of the display.

Illustration 2 g00778236

Typical monitor display

Illustration 3 g00932913

315C monitor display

While the third line is highlighted, use the left arrow key and the right arrow key to change the ID number. This action will change the display of the fourth line. The following table will describe the information that is being displayed.

Table 1
ID     Description    
1     Machine model    
2     Respective information for machine    
3     Part number for the standard controller    
4     Serial number of the standard controller    
5     Machine specifications    
6     Part number for the software    
7     Date of the software    
8     Type of engine and pump    
101     Model of tool    
102     Part number for the attachment controller    
103     Specifications for the tool    
104     Serial number of the attachment controller    
105     Part number for the flash file    
106     Date of the flash file    

Note: See the appropriate service manual for the tool control for ID numbers that are not listed.