312C, 315C, 318C, 319C, 320C, 321C, 322C, 325C, 330C and M325C Excavators and 325C MHPU and 330C MHPU Mobile Hydraulic Power Units Engine and Pump Control – V2 – Status Mode

The status mode will display the parameters of the components of the machine.

    Illustration 1 g00687617

  1. Enter the service mode. Select “STATUS” from the menu by using the keys for direction.

    Illustration 2 g00687638

  1. The third line of the display will show the status “ID” and the respective “ID” numbers. The meaning of the “ID” numbers are listed in the following chart of parameters. The illustration above shows that the engine speed is 1948 rpm.

    Table 1
    ID     Status     Display    
    1     Governor actuator feedback signal     unit [%]    
    2     Drive pump delivery pressure     unit [kPa]    
    3     Idle pump delivery pressure     unit [kPa]    
    4     Boom hold pressure (Attachment)     unit [kPa]    
    5     Backup switch status     BACK UP / CONTROL    
    7     Fuel level     unit [mm]    
    8     Coolant temperature     unit [°C]    
    9     Hydraulic oil temperature     unit [°C]    
    10     Power supply voltage     unit [V]    
    11     Engine speed     unit [rpm]    
    12     Alternator status     CHARGE/
    NO CHARGE    
    13     Supply condition of +12 V power supply voltage     ON / OFF    
    14     Required speed     unit [rpm]    
    15     AEC mode selection status     First stage: OFF Second stage: ON    
    16     Travel mode selection status     First speed: SLOW Second speed: FAST    
    17     Travel alarm cancel status     CANCEL / ALARM    
    19     Travel mode switching status     First speed: SLOW
    Second speed: FAST    
    20     Activation status of action alarm     ON / OFF    
    21     Activation status of travel alarm     ON / OFF    
    22     Activation status of straight travel control     ON / OFF    
    23     Unloading valve status     ON/OFF/ATTACHMENT    
    24     Release condition of swing brake     Release: FREE Brake: BRAKE    
    25     Power shift pressure     unit [kPa]/DISABLED    
    26     Negative Flow Control Pressure Reducing Valve
    unit [kPa]/DISABLED    
    27     Negative Flow Control Pressure Reducing Valve
    (Attachment optional)    
    unit [kPa]/DISABLED    
    29     Temperature condition control status     Low temp. mode: COLD MODE
    Normal temp. mode: NORMAL MODE
    Derating mode: DERATE MODE    
    30     Speed setting status of engine speed dial     unit [rpm]